Mail Forwards

How to use Mail Forwards

The Mail Forwards feature allows only to receive mails, sent to you@yourdomain.com in your real mail box.

To set up Mail Forwards, the DNS Zone needs to have MX records, pointed to the mail forwards servers that can be seen in the Control Panel.

After you create the MX records, click on the "Mail Forwards" button, located between "Cloud Domains" and "DNS Statistics" buttons in your DNS Zone Control Panel. Click on “Add new forward”. In the “Mail box” field write mail box where you will be the addressee (for example: yourmail@yourdomain.com or yourmail@mail.yourdomain.com, etc.). In “Forward to” box add the e-mail address where you will receive the mails, sent to yourmail@yourdomain.com or yourmail@mail.yourdomain.com, etc.

Two different Mail Forward types

At REAL TECH you can choose between 2 different type of Mail Forwarding servers: 2 servers with suffix 1 and 2 (e.g. mailforward21.icbs.it and mailforward22.your-ns.com) or 2 servers with suffix 3 and 4 (e.g. mailforward23.your-ns.com and mailforward24.your-ns.com). These 2 groups have different behavior and you should carefully choose the group that meets your needs.

If you are using public mail services (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) for the mail destination, we recommend you to use the ones with suffix 1 and 2 (e.g. mailforward21.your-ns.com and mailforward22.your-ns.com). They are configured to work with public mail services and they successfully pass SPF checks, spam and blacklist filtrations. This way you will always receive your e-mails in your Inbox (not Junk).

Have in mind that, the forwarded e-mails will have a modified header (FROM section). This means, if the message is sent from example@domain.com for instance, example@domain.com won't be included in the "FROM" section of the email header. Instead, it will be represented as follows:

Your Name - Your Name at domain.com <mailforwards@your-ns.com>

In case you operate your own mail server and you can disable SPF checks and spam filtration, we recommend using of mail forwarding servers with suffix 3 and 4 (e.g. mailforward23.your-ns.com and mailforward24.your-ns.com). The e-mails forwarded by them will not have any header modification. Here is an illustration of the same example with unaltered "FROM" section of the header:

Your Name <example@domain.com>

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